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Let Professional and Public Programs help you enhance your job skills through unique training programs in order to become more competitive in today’s labor market.

We assist the military population and those looking for workforce development agency assistance with the process of securing funding for specific courses – we do not provide the actual funding; however, we provide the Education Training Plan (ETP) for MyCAA and the quote for the Army Credentialing.


Jealiany R.
Phlebotomy Technician Course
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“I enjoyed [the course] being self-paced. The instructor was very nice, she would email me regarding my progress throughout the course. I didn't feel overwhelmed with the modules that needed to complete, and I was able to finish my course with time to spare.”
Taylor F.
Military Spouse and Student, Certified Clinical Medical Assistant Course
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“My goal was to transfer into the healthcare field and gain awareness. I chose to start with the CCMA course because I felt that would be a great starting point to learn and foster my growth. As a military spouse, my family is required to move a lot! With me obtaining this certification, I can easily apply for jobs all over the world as healthcare will always be in need.”
Josh B.
Student, Advanced Legal Research and Writing
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“[This is a] well-designed course.”
Raymundo G.
Student, Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt
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“This course contains a lot of useful material. It definitely helped me improve my knowledge on the subject and the content of this course will allow me to excel in my career. I received great assistance from [the program manager]. He was always available when I needed help. I strongly feel that with his assistance and understanding I was able to complete this course. He provided excellent customer service.”
Mireya H.
Student and Military Spouse, Pharmacy Technician Training
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"[I signed up for this course because] I wanted to gain as much knowledge as I could to [succeed] in the pharmaceutical world. This year, my husband and I got relocated to a different military base. It was nerve-racking because I didn’t know if I was going to be able to handle a move while going to school and this course made it happen. I was able to complete assignments and lessons at my own pace [which I enjoyed]. My instructor was very understanding and was always there when I needed further assistance on a certain topic. UTEP staff was always attentive throughout the entire process and guided me through it. After completing this course, I feel like I gained the tools needed to succeed as a pharmacy technician.”