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Affordable Language Classes For All Ages

We know that language skills are a valuable tool for advancement. Learning a new language is also a fun, useful way to keep your brain sharp and expand your knowledge of other cultures, places, and people. Now’s the time to learn a new language and prepare for that trip you have planned!



Shinping C.
Summer 2022
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"El Paso’s Ai-Hwa Chinese School is grateful for the partnership with UTEP’s Professional and Public Programs to offer Chinese classes and is proud to announce the recognition of the Taiwan Center of Mandarin Learning. A language lab with 10 laptops has been established to enhance students' Chinese listening and speaking skills. With this grant, there will be opportunities for students to visit Taiwan to practice their Chinese. We hope to recruit more adult (18 years and older) students to expand our services.”
Alicia C.
Spring 2022
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“The Ai-Hwa Chinese School’s program is a way for students to learn and experience Chinese culture. It helps students learn the basics before slowly advancing to new levels. Being a teaching assistant for this program has also helped because it is a way for me to continue practicing Chinese. Whenever I speak to children, I use as much Chinese as possible, and oftentimes, the students will need help on how to write certain words, so it helps me retain the words I have learned before. [Being a teaching assistant] is a joyful experience as I can continue practicing the language and helping students experience a different culture.”
Averie W.
Spring 2022
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“[Being a teaching assistant] at the Ai-Hwa Chinese school has allowed me to learn the essentials of the education process. As an assistant who helps design lesson plans and translates announcements, I have gotten in closer touch with my native language and culture. I appreciate the community that I have been able to contribute to at Ai-Hwa, and I hope I can continue to do so.”
Fernando Y.
Fall 2021
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"After a period of time where most countries limited traveling only to essential purposes, Japan will soon reopen its doors to the world and more than ever this is the time for you to be ready! Invest in yourself, study the Japanese language and learn more about culture here at UTEP’s Professional and Public Programs"
David D.
Summer 2021
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“My [transition] from face-to-face classes to online classes for my Japanese course has been seamless. Professor Yamamoto found a way to keep an engaging and friendly environment, [just as] we would have experienced in live classes, and made it accessible to everyone during these times.”
Summer 2021
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“This course was the most organized and best presented course I have taken for studying Spanish. As a Law Enforcement Agent, this course was structured around daily conversation [and] communication. [I am] very happy with this course.”
Summer 2021
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“The level of comprehension that [our instructor] provided was top-notch. I learned so much more than I expected, and now have the tools to confidently continue my study of Japanese.”