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Get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle

Trying to meet a fitness goal? Bored of the same exercise routine? Want to learn how to live a healthier life? Our Fitness to Live and Health & Wellness courses are designed to help you get fit and stay healthy at any age. Feel better, have more energy, and have fun while doing it all!


Georgina A.
Participant, Fitness to Live Course
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“I have worked for UTEP for over 20 years and it wasn’t until health concerns came up in 2018 that I decided to take full advantage of the Professional and Public Programs courses. These courses helped me improve my overall well-being and in the process I lost weight but gained self-confidence. I have taken different classes that have allowed me to learn new things from kickboxing to Zumba. All the teachers are very motivating and encouraging; they make the classes fun, so the go by quickly. I love making new friends and I am always encouraging others to join in the fun.”
Andi A.
Fitness Class Participant
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“I have enrolled in [Professional and Public Programs] classes for many years, starting with Sal Hernandez's classes, then on to Patti Fox with Boot Camp, and always with David Lopez and his Circuit Training class. All have been wonderful and a challenge every time. A good workout, a wonderful instructor, very close proximity to my home. I've also taken Spinning and enjoy it completely. I hope you keep offering these classes to us. It's so much better than a great big gym, [it’s in a] secure location, parking is hardly ever a problem, and most everyone is so helpful. I feel like [this] class program really looks at what [can be offered to] all ages and [provides] the best class available.”
Veronica M.
Kickboxing and Boxing Participant
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Veronica M. wanted to gain strength, flexibility and better overall conditioning. She got all this and more when she enrolled in P3’s kickboxing and boxing classes. The timing of the classes was convenient and Veronica enjoyed meeting other people (an unexpected bonus). The instructor was knowledgeable and ensured that everyone got the most they could out of the class. The class was challenging and it was sometimes hard to keep up, but Veronica finished it as she had intended: stronger and more conditioned. “I would recommend this class,” she says. “Anyone who is taking it will feel good about the workout and [know] how to defend [themselves] in a bad situation.”