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A Wide range of classes for English language learners at all levels

At the English Language Institute (ELI) we know that no matter what your situation, learning English as an adult can be hard. So we do everything we can to make your experience the best it can be. We offer a wide range of classes for English language learners at all levels for use at work, in the classroom and elsewhere. We also offer TOEFL prep for students who want to take the exam for admission to a university.

Why Choose Our Program?


Jonathan M.
ELI Student
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“Learning a foreign language (English) is one of the most important challenges of my life. Being part of the ELI program at UTEP has helped and ensured that I learn English in the best possible way and be able to complete my academic and professional goals. In addition, I want to highlight the work of the teachers and [the Program Manager], they are incredible. They provide excellent care for their students."
Anay P.
ELI Student
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“I’m very grateful to be a student of the program, it has helped me [so] much. Not only has it improved my English skills and [allowed me] to communicate better, [learning and speaking English has also helped me grow my business]. Two of my children were in the program too, and today they are [getting their bachelor’s degrees]. They passed the TOEFL and got a good scholarship. Thank you, ELI, for changing lives in the world.”
Regina B.
English/AVID Teacher/OnRamps Rhetoric Instructor
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“I would like to express my gratitude for initiating this partnership for our English learners. [It has] not only strengthened my teaching, but also advanced our English learners' foundational skills. I will be in touch [to do this again] in the future.”
Lynn W.
ElI Student
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“I really like the program. It is very helpful and the instructor seems to be very experienced.”
Darom L.
Intensive Language Program Student
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“I would like to recommend this class to other students. It [offers] many opportunities to meet different people and experience other cultures instead of just studying.”